The first time en English

My name is Jennifer, I am a mother and wife. More than a year ago my husband encouraged me to start a blog, because according to the him I can write.

And then what do I write about?  I write about my life, about the visit to the restaurant that was horrible of the new shampoo that gave allergies to my kid.  I write about everything and about nothing.  About family, history, food, and life.

I do not how many people will enter this blog to read my words, but at least they are here.  They came to the public light.

Let me tell you about me:


This is my family. I am the one on the left, with a blue blouse. To my right my beloved husband Jesus, Alias ​​Chuito, Alias ​​Chu, Alias ​​”El Husband”. Down on the right my firstborn Leonardo, whom we call Leo, and on the left, the little boy of the house Dylan.

This is my family. We lived in Puerto Rico for 5 years, but Hurricane Maria forced us to return to live in Massachusetts.  When we got here we live on Hotels for around six months.  We finally find and apartments last May.

We are a Homeschool family.  This is our Fourth Grade doing Homeschool and we love it.  After a few years we have realized that although it seems difficult at first. It’s not that complicated.  Besides, we are learning together and having fun.

I cry a lot, I have ansiety, but I like to have fun, to dance, to eat Hagen Dazs Strawberry Icecream. I try diets that I’ll leave in the middle of the week. I read stuff in the internet and inmedietly want to try them.    That get me in trouble sometimes.  Then I write about them.  Then I laugh about myself.  And find something new to try.

Everything read, everyting try, everything I see,  end in some kind of way in here.

Welcome to Con Todo Mas Bacon.  That means Everything plus Bacon.  And I am just realizing that is easier to write a Blog in English.

See you Around.





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