Breakfast at Walmart

Oh my God.  That sounds fancy.  Like 2018 version of the Audrey Hepburn movie.  Only instead of the luxury store, Tiffany’s is Walmart my luxury store.

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and we spend the whole day in pajamas.  Don’t get me wrong we did stuff.  First, out day started the day late, we wake up at 9:00, wait I wake up at 9:00.  Everybody else wakes up around 10:00, 10:30, it was obvious this was going to be a lazy day.  “El Husband” clean the bathroom.  I spend a lot of time of time decluttering my computer.

The memory in this computer is very small.  And lately, the computer had been very slow.  I wanted to delete a lot of stuff a long time ago.  But didn’t have the time.  So, because was a pajama wearing day, I decide to do that.  I still have a lot of things to get rid of.  But watching Dancing with the Stars Juniors and The Good Doctor in Hulu I did a lot of cyber-decluttering.

I actually, cook a nice Puerto Rican Arroz Guisado con Habichuelas and Chicken Monterrey.  Or in simple words Chicken Breast with BBQ Sauce Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.  It was good.

I finish the day watching Dancing with the Start, Original Recipe Edition.  My favorite couple was eliminated, and we are not going to talk about that.


You know that day before the day you are supposed to do groceries, and you have nothing to eat at home.  So that was us this morning.  Because yesterday was pajama day.  I was not in Mommy Mode I didn’t notice there was nothing to eat for breakfast.

I knew today was going to be a complicated day.  We have school work to do in the morning.  A doctor’s appointment at 11AM.  And a few errands in the afternoon.  For me, complicated is when I don’t have the whole morning to do the school work.  So, not having breakfast at home complicate the formula even more.

It took me a few seconds, but I made a plan.  I told the kids to get dress, we were going to have breakfast somewhere cheap, (the budget is very small lately) and then go to the library and use the computer there to do the school work.  I got a dress.  And we were out around 9:15 am.  I think.

The original idea was Dunkin Donuts.  But I on our way I thought no we are going to the Supermarket, we are going to Walmart.


At Walmart I try to get the kids some Pastries, Leo wanted a Donut.  I was not going to fight that decision.  Today I am not “Healthy Mommy”, I am “Let get the things done Mommy”.  But the other guy, the little one that looks like me, he didn’t want a Donut.  Today he wanted real food.  What?  Off all the days that he could decide to listen to my: “We must be healthy” propaganda.  Diabetes is the enemy of Hispanic People.  He chooses today.  I look around.  I didn’t know what he wanted.  Maybe fruits.  I don’t know.  Slice Turkey from the Deli.  No, he wanted a Muffin.  I told him I will buy him a Muffin another day.  But today was Donut day.  He grabs a .58¢ Donut and put in a Bag.  At this point, my Mommy Guilt is at around 75% full.

I need to find something for my breakfast.  I didn’t want a Donut too.  I find an amazingly full of sugar Yogurt.  Well, it was better than a Donut.  It Greek Yogurt.  And you know that Greek Yogurt is better than regular yogurt, because you know is Greek, and Greek people invented democracy.  And, Ok I don’t know why Greek Yogurt is better.  But in my mind is better than a Donut.

(Around this time, everybody is in on diet.  And I am on Detox of Diets.  I am just watching that I don’t gain weight and I trying to be active.  So far Is working). 

I grab and Apple to go with my Yogurt.  That sounds good right.  Sound like a Mom Breakfast.

I was supposed to go to the supermarket after the doctor’s appointment to grab a few things.  That way tomorrow I am not in the same position having breakfast at the supermarket.  So, I decided to kill two Pigs with one Angry Bird (2018 adaptation of an old saying).  I grab a box of Frozen French Toast, but I only grab that, after I make the two boys swear that both of them eat that exact kind of French Toast.

I grab two cans of Tuna.  There is leftover Rice from yesterday and “El Husband” and I love that kind of rice with Tuna with Onions and Olive Oil.  I grab an avocado to go with the Rice and Tuna.  And two cans of Salchichas Carmelas for the boys.  They will not eat the Tuna, and I am not going to cook any other kind of meat.  So, salchichas it is.  To finish our morning shopping, I send Leo to get a package of cookie dough for dessert after our Arroz con Tuna/Salchicha Feast tonight.


The whole thing came up to $16.  Under my budget.  I would have spent that in Dunkin Donuts, but I could not be able to buy the stuff for dinner and the cookie dough.  So, a point for Jenny.

I wash my apple in the bathroom sink and grab a spoon from the Walmart food Court.

The kids ate their amazing breakfast in the van.  I ate my apple.  I was not hungry.  We got to the library.  Login on the computer and did the school work.  We had time to find a few books and even two movies.  People don’t spend money on renting movies.  Get a Library Card and find movies there.  I just got Incredibles 2, for Free.

We leave the Library around 10:30 to take Leo to his Therapist appointment.  Yes, after a year of living in the United States I am now a Mom with a Mini-Van, who takes her kids to Piano lessons and the therapists.  I am a Soccer mom minus Soccer.  My Puerto Rican ancestors must be ashamed of me.

In our way, to the hospital, I open my yogurt I started to eat it.  When we got to the hospital it was raining so I try to cover my yogurt with my coat.  When we got inside I notice that I was cover in delicious Coffee Flavor Greek Yogurt.  It was on my pants, my coat and on the sweater, I have under.  I have to stop in the bathroom to clean my self first.

Here is the evidence.

I have my Avengers t-shirt  in honor of Stan Lee


When I got to the Pediatrician Office the Therapist was already taking Leo in.  That’s when I seat down and started to write this.

I was writing, and I receive a call from my mom.  We started talking about planning a family round trip for next year.  But suddenly the call drop, I call her back, but she didn’t answer.  Then Leo was out we left the office.  We were hungry, and we got lunch at Mc Donald.  At this point, Mommy Guilt was up to a full 100%.

But see.

So far, this day has been crazy.  Its cold, its raining outside.  I have to change my plans a few times.  I got covered in Greek Yogurt.  But imagine how crazy it would be if on top off that I insisted on feed my keep the most healthy and organic diet.  Yes, eating healthy is important but a peace of mind is important too.

We did everything we were supposed to do.  The kids ate at the times they supposed to eat.  And Mommy was not stressed doing it.  Everybody was happy.  At the end of the day isn’t that was is important.

They will be other days where “Healthy Mommy” will come back with her: Eat Healthy Speech.  But she took a day off today.  Sometimes she has to do it. And everybody is alive to tell the story.

See you around.

“El Husband” plate.  The Avocado was not ripe.





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