10 Celebrities you didn’t know were Puerto Rican

You know about the celebrities that were born in Puerto Rico.  Like Ricky Martin or Rita Moreno.  That is not what I want to talk about in here.  Or those that you can tell from afar that even though there were born in the United States their roots are Puerto Ricans like Jennifer Lopez or Lin Manuel Miranda.  (That guy is in everything these days).

I am talking about some celebrities with their Puerto Ricans roots a little bit hidden.  Maybe they don’t look Puerto Rican o they look Hispanics but is not clear which country their actually from.

That is what we are doing here.  This a list of 10 celebrities with Puerto Rican roots.  Daddy and Mommy are probably Puerto Rican but maybe they have never set foot in Puerto Rico.  Something like that.  You get the idea right.

(By the way, in this list you are not going to find those that because their parents were on vacation in Puerto Rico and the baby decide to be born there, people consider them Puerto Ricans.  That doesn’t give you Puerto Ricans roots or DNA, that give you a Puerto Rican birth place)

Here we go.

Bruno Mars:  he is very famous and extremely talented.  And a lot a people ask about where is he from.  He was born Peter Gene Hernandez in Honolulu Hawaii, his father is a descendant of Puerto Ricans born in Brooklyn New York, his mother is from Philippines.

 Hector Elizondo:  this actor is known for this his work in movies and TV.  You saw him in Pretty Woman or The Princess Diaries Series.  On TV he was on Chicago Hope, or most recently in Last Man Standing.  He has a very impressive resume, starting in 1963.  His parents were Puerto Ricans of Spanish descent who moved from Puerto Rico to New York City with the hope of finding a better life.

Scotty Mc Creery: in 2011 Scotty won American Idol and when I read that he was a little bit Puerto Rican I was surprise.  Who could imagine, that this country music singer was 25 Puerto Rican.  His father was born in Aguadilla Puerto Rico, the son of a U.S.A soldier and Puerto Rican woman. 

Aubrey Plaza: this young actress has become pretty famous lately.  You can see her on TV shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreations and Criminal Minds.  And she is excellent.  Her Dad is Puerto Rican.

Carmelo Anthony:  I don’t know If you knew this, but I didn’t. He is a professional basketball player, for the HoustonRockets, winner of four Olympics Medals and the United States Olympic men’s national basketball team all-time leading scorer.  His father is Puerto Rican.

Laurie Hernandez: this girl got super famous when was part of the USA Woman Olympic Gymnastics Team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  She won aGold with the team and a silver medal for the balance beam.  Her parents are both Puerto Ricans. In 2016, she won season 23 of Dancing with the Stars with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

Lana Parrilla:  known for her role of Regina “The Evil Queen” on the TV series “Once upon a time”.  Lana was born in Brooklyn NY her father is baseball player Sam Parrilla who was born in Santurce Puerto Rico. 

David Lambert: from the TV show The Foster.  She is the son of a Puerto Rican woman. 

Gina Rodriguez: Ok, people know that Gina is Hispanic.  And by the time that I wrote this piece in Spanish not many people knew she was Puerto Rican.  But then the hurricane happens, and she was one of the many Puerto Rican celebrities that help raise many to send to island.  So now everybody knows she is Puerto Rican.  But I am going to put her in my list, because is my blog and I like her.  Both her parents are Puerto Ricans.  She was raised dancing salsa in Chicago.  Had you seen her dancing salsa, you should go to YouTube and find a video of Gina Rodriguez dancing salsa.  But finish reading this first. 

Ian Gomez: a comedian with an extensive resume.  You can see him in a lot of his wife or ex-wife Nia Vardalos (I am not sure what is the current status of their divorce) movies and TV jobs.  Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  If you go to wikipedia and check his Filmography and TV works he been in practicly everything.  He is of Puerto Rican descendant.


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